RaMUN conference 2023 – valuable experiences and unforgettable memories

What is MUN?

An MUN (“Model United Nations”) Conference is an exciting opportunity for students to showcase their knowledge and skills in international relations, diplomacy, and public speaking in form of a role play. The event is designed to provide students with an experience of how the United Nations and its various commitees work.

During the conference, participants will represent different countries and engage in simulated debates and discussions on various global issues. They have the chance to practice their research, negotiation, and critical thinking skills while discussing urgent and global issues. This collaborative environment also encourages students to expand their cultural awareness and respect for diversity.

To prepare for the conference, students will conduct extensive research on their assigned countries and the issues to be discussed. This research will provide students with the knowledge and understanding necessary to effectively represent their country and participate in debates and negotiations.


What is RaMUN?

The RAMUN (“Gymnasium Rahlstedt Model United Nations”) conference is the Gymnasium Rahlstedt’s very own MUN convention. The conference is open to high school students from not only the Internationality Profiles of the S2 and S4 but also students from other profiles as well as students from the 10th grade. The students had the opportunity to win new perspectives, especially concerning topics which one usually might not shed a light on. In this year’s RAMUN conference, the topics discussed were:

– In the Human Rights Committee: Prohibition of torture as a legal penalty

– In the Environmental Commission: Finding measures to protect endangered species in the rainforest


At this year’s conference, which took place on 3 February at GyRa, we not only entertained the ambassador speeches of the represented P5-nations, but also a speech by our headmaster Mr. Frankenfeld. We also had the honor to entertain a guest speech from a UN Ambassador of Peace.
Some students had the special responsibility in the entire organization process. The so-called executive team of seven Inter-students with the support of Mrs. Luteijn, was in charge of the planning of this event, which included getting the rooms ready, setting the schedule and inviting guests like our former MUN director Mr. Pätzhorn.

The conference ended with a closing ceremony in the Atrium, in which the best delegates of the conference were elected: Mariya Kandlen, Jule Greven, Leyla Tanriverdi (all S4), Larisa Akhbar (S2).

After that, the Inter-Profile had a pizza dinner and went home tired but happy. We are proud to have hosted our annual RAMUN Conference and believe that this event will stay a valuable experience in the memory of all participants.

Amended from: Larisa Akhbar, S2