‚Gizmo‘ by Alan Ayckbourn — Performances of Internationality Profile S2 (Wr) on Monday June 24th / Tuesday June 25th 

Barman Ben is paralyzed from his neck down because of a shooting he had to witness. It’s all in his mind, and that’s why he is a great guinea pig for ‚Gizmo‘, a research project in which a chip is implanted into a human‘s brain, so that this person‘s moves can be controlled and initiated by a person wearing a sort of wristwatch.

But Ben and his nurse Ted take a stroll in the park, and this is when a lot of unexpected things start happening for Ben, who is forced to imitate the movements of whoever wears the ‘Gizmo‘.

Set in London; crime-story, love story, comedy, dystopia? Find out yourself!

(J. Wiesner)