ALICE IN WONDERLAND – next performance tonight at 7.30

In old times Alice fell through a rabbit hole and entered Wonderland. –The modern Alice jumps (not completely voluntarily) through a plane door and parachutes down.

Here we have no shrinking and no growing, but apart from that we meet the well-known inhabitants of Wonderland : Tweedledee & Tweedledum, the White Rabbit, the Mad Hatter as well as many others.
The Black Knight goes around and arrests anyone who is having a good day. The Red Queen has got quite a temper and Alice seems to be the only one who can stand up to them. Will she succeed? And if so, how?

Wonderful acting, fine English, lots of creative ideas and – last but not least – a splendid selection of mad hats. Ms Wiesner’s Internationality Drama Course has provided everything for a delightful evening. So follow Alice on her journey through Wonderland and enjoy the evening.

Tuesday, 7.30 at Gymnasium Rahlstedt

Sabine Hauck