We did it again – Profile Internationality went Model United Nations of Nyborg / Denmark


We did it again – after three (!!!) years! Because of Corona, the last two MUNNY conferences in Nyborg, Denmark had to be cancelled – what a heartbreak! So for the first time since 2020, we were able to visit our Danish friends and do what we always do at MUN: Debating, working hard, socializing and making unforgettable memories.

This time important global issues like the leakages in the Nordstream pipelines or combating religious intolerance were debated. And with quite some success for GyRa students: Oskar Vorderwülbecke (S4) and Kyana Nejati Eghteda (S2) won two awards for best or most-distinguished delegates in their committees.

In the evenings, students had social events like pizza evenings or the MUN party. After three eventful days, the GyRa team went home exhausted but happy in the knowledge that they had worked hard on global solutions and had had lots of fun. Next stop: MUNoH 2023 in October at Gymnasium Meiendorf!

Nyborg, we did it again– and we hope to see you again in 2024!     

For the Inter-Profile: Your MUN directors Ms. Luteijn and Mr. Köhler