The Great Gatsby – A report from the first performance

How long will you wait for me? – My whole life if you want.

Long Island – the Roaring Twenties. Wealthy Jay Gatsby has bought an expensive mansion, throwing bi gparties. While the others are speculating about his past – has he killed someone? – he looks over the bay, watching a green light in the house he can just see on the opposite shore.

His neighbour Nick Carraway gets to know Gatsby and his unfulfilled dream – erasing the past and winning back Daisy, the love of his life. Will he succeed?

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s world famous novel was brilliantly adapted by Mrs Wiesner’s dramacourse S4. The actors delivered their lines in flawless English, their performances were moving. Lana del Rey’s somber music underlined the melancholic atmosphere.

If you want to see the adaptation of this „greatest lovestory of all times“ (The Guardian), then come to the Forum tonight, March 26th, at 7.30!

A report by Sabine Hauck