The Mousetrap

“One of you is a liar. One of you is a murderer. And one of you is the next victim.“

Imagine being trapped in a guesthouse with complete strangers. Outside a snowstorm is howling, piling up masses of snow against your door, there’s no way in or out. Suddenly an inspector appears, telling you that there is a murderer among you. Who could it be? As events unfold, it becomes apparent that everyone has a secret to hide...

The Internationality-Profile S4 performed The Mousetrap by Agatha Christie in a very authentic and lively production directed by Ms Wiesner. The actors delivered their lines in flawless English, keeping the audience in suspense until the last minute.

If you are intererested in seeing it, and you definitely should be, there’s a second performance this night at 7.30. Don’t miss it!

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